Heads Down & Hard at Work

It’s been a while since we posted an update! We have been super hard at work slinging code and GSD!

So what’s our dev progress:

  • Mobile app is nearly to an alpha state for service providers. We have it pushed to TestFlight on iOS for some internal testing and it is awesome!
  • Styling. So much styling.
  • Data access layer is created and published in pre-alpha
  • Authentication & authorization is built and deployed in alpha (including conditional registration!)
  • CI/CD is completed for all services
  • Routing and scheduling is off to a good start and making headway

What about the business?

  • The business plan is nearly complete
  • Burn Rate is calculated
  • Customer and vendor acquisition is defined and going through the revision phases!
  • Looking to get an alpha tester or two in the next month which is incredibly exciting
  • HR and employee manual are being put together and hopefully done soon

And lastly we have a big upcoming surprise at the end of the week (more to come)!

Things are really shaping up and coming together! What an exciting time!!!


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