Version 1 Here We Come!

Break out the confetti and drop the balloons, MowMe version 1 is launched in both app stores and on the web! If you have a lawn and it needs a trim we would love for you to join the MowMe family and find fantastic lawncare. We have some incredible Lawn Service professionals ready to take care of your needs and are ready to work with you. All you have to do is sign up, search for service, and we will get you taken care of!

In the life of every app there is 1 milestone that is more challenging, exciting, and nerve wracking than any other. This release says the app is ready to face the world, ready for prime time, ready for customers to put it through its paces. Today we are so excited to announce that we have released Version 1 of the MowMe app. There is still a huge way to go, but this is the moment we’ve been working towards and will be building on top of. We still want all of your feedback and plan on building bigger and better features, so if you have ideas please let us know!

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