MowMe – A New Way to Lawn

We started MowMe with the idea that everyone wants a fantastic lawn, but its not easy to find great lawncare. When I moved to Georgia, I search high and low for someone to cut my grass, I had a demanding work schedule and didn’t have the time to keep up the yard myself. I made dozens of calls, got ghosted by multiple vendors, had no clue if the vendors I was calling were any good, and couldn’t manage my payments. I had a normal lawn in a populated part of town, but could not get a lawn professional to take care of my lawn.

My first provider came out 2-3 times, did a great job but just stopped showing up. The second provider sold his business, and finally I found the third vendor who was incredible. I knew that I couldn’t be the only one experiencing this problem. After talking with a number of friends and neighbors I found this was a common problem, and thus MowMe was born. Our mission is to take the complexities and challenges out of lawncare. Finding high quality lawncare? Check! Manage payments? Check! Setup appointments and reschedule service? Check!

Keep checking back as we make progress to when we launch the App beta.

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